About Six Feats Under

Six Feats Under is an actual play podcast focused on exploring a variety of tabletop games and sharing them with the world. Basically, this means we play a bunch of games and have a real swell time doing it.

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Some of our episodes come in Campaigns, which are long running games with an ongoing plot, recurring cast of characters and players, and usually some pretty high stakes.

13th Age is our debut campaign, and it was the original purpose of this podcast. It follows the adventures of the Rogue Elements on their quest to prevent the apocalypse, without causing too much collateral damage on the way. 13th Age emphasizes adventure and fun hijinx among good friends having fun. 13th Age has ended, after a 90+ episode, 5 year run.

Mouse Guard is one of our currently running campaigns. It takes place in The Territories, located somewhere in where upper Michigan would be if humans never existed and mice could talk and form societies. A pair of patrols explore the territories, rarely crossing paths but frequently impacting one another in mysterious ways. Mouse Guard is a very down-to-earth series about little mice doing their best.

To Winter's End is our other currently running campaign, played in the Fellowship game system. It follows a group of heroes on their weird ship, as they try to save the world from an endless winter. Along the way, they learn a lot about themselves, the world, and their place in it. To Winter's End is a very dramatic series, with lots of large events and implications and the emotional fallout that comes with it.

Some of our episodes are Podchats, a recurring feature where we talk about games instead of playing them. Podchats talk about the elements of tabletop games - what works, what doesn't, and why we like certain kinds of things. Most of our podchats accompany a game we played alongside them, but not always. We've done less of these lately, but they aren't gone for good just yet.

And lastly, a number of our episodes are Bonus Feats, which are a quick look at a variety of different tabletop games. They are self contained, making them ideal for easy listening, with no additional info or backstory required! You can find all of them in the Archives, but here's a few of of our personal favorites to get you started:

Goblin Quest is a delightful game about dying meaningless deaths in creative ways in order to accomplish unimportant tasks that will quickly be forgotten. Oh, goblins. Is there anything they can do?

InSpectres is about playing as paranormal investigators trying to get funding by putting it on TV - Scooby Doo meets Ghostbusters, basically. It goes as well as you would expect it to.

WWW RPG is the wrestling tabletop game, and a fan favorite. We work up the crowd and steal the spotlight for a bit of glory, and settle it all in the middle of the squared circle.

Lasers & Feelings boldly goes where many have gone before, and rarely does better than they did. If you like space adventures, this is where you'll find space adventures.